Alternative Music Limited (AML) is a vibrant company with years of experience in the rental of PA (sound), backline (musical) equipment, generators and stage/production management. We offer rehearsal and recording facilities, which are set in welcoming surroundings that are conducive to our clients’ creativity. The AML name has long been associated with such live music events as Shaggy & Friends, Fun in the Son, Rebel Salute, Jamaica Jazz and Blues, Reggae Sumfest, the RJR Layers of Soul series, among others. It was therefore a natural progression for the company to become a venue for all types of music-related events and, in 2013, to launch its very own live music production – KeesingLIVE!


Alternative Music Limited is dedicated to providing the highest quality equipment to its clients, thereby contributing to the success of their performances. In order to achieve this goal, the company’s inventory of equipment is continually upgraded and our highly-trained staff gladly offers their expertise to our clients. In adhering to the highest possible standards in the provision of its equipment and services, Alternative Music Limited highlights the value and importance of Jamaica’s music industry, while contributing to the improvement and preservation of our country’s music.

AML was created by its Managing Director, Robert 'Bobby' Stewart, in 1996. A trained musician, who is also a product of the corporate world, Bobby formed the company with the objective of ensuring that artistes were provided with better quality backline equipment than he and other musicians were accustomed to. Eventually the company’s offerings grew to include PA (sound), rehearsal and recording facilities. When the company relocated to its present headquarters at 5 Keesing Avenue, in Hagley Park, it was transformed into a beautiful venue that, in 2013, became home to the increasingly popular live music series, KeesingLIVE!

In 2015, a young Japanese woman visited AML for a rehearsal and decided that our premises would be a perfect site for her cousin, famed Japanese artist, Boxer Juntaro, to paint one of her cousin's famous murals. We were surprised, amused and honoured when she not only asked permission on his behalf, but also wanted to pay for it!. We speedily prepared the wall and a couple of weeks later, Boxer Juntaro himself flew to Jamaica and created the mural, which presents, in his signature style, our musical icons Bob Marley, the I-Threes and Peter Tosh. Boxer Juntaro then paid us yet another compliment by using the mural on his own website!! ありがとう 非常に、ボクサーArigatō hijō ni, bokusā